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10 Cannabis Strains to Bring You More Cheer This Holiday Season: Part 2


10 Cannabis Strains to Bring You More Cheer This Holiday Season: Part 2


As the Holiday season reaches its height, and Christmas only days away, chances are you really could use a good bong hit. May we suggest you try one of these strains for an extra bit of cheer this holiday season? Be sure to check out part one here!

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is the ultimate strain for unwinding. Often used as a cure for insomnia, this strain will leave you feeling like you’re wrapped in a soft, warm blanket. If you ask me, this is exactly what you need when waiting out the first major blizzard of the season. This strain will give you a fairly strong case of the munchies, so be sure to have a bowl of caramel corn, or whatever your desired holiday snack might be. May we suggest baking Black Diamond into a batch of cookies or brownies?

Mango Kush

Another member of the infamous Kush family, the sweet and citrusy Mango Kush is the perfect cure for winter time depression. This hybrid will make you feel relaxed, uplifted and of course quite euphoric. One taste of this strain’s mango and banana flavor will allow you to imagine that you have been whisked away on a tropical vacation. What more could one ask for in the midst of all the snow and endless Christmas carols.

Dabs are a great way to chill and cheer this Holiday season. Image Source: Weed Memes

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is most famous for the hilarious stoner comedy that bears the same name. The strain has a strong and sweet flavor of pineapples and what I would describe as pineapple Lifesavers (of course your experiences and opinions may vary). It gives you a good strong buzz that I would liken to a cup of strong coffee. It’s the perfect strain for getting you in an adventurous state of mind. This is absolutely ideal when navigating the mall for last minute shopping.

Blue Diesel

This powerful hybrid is the offspring of Blueberry, a rather potent indica and NYC-Diesel, a similarly strong sativa strain. Often referred to as Blue City Diesel, the strain will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, with a rather high amount of euphoria. It’s the strain that was made for those days when you want to do nothing but hang around the house and really chill for a change.


GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is a favorite for a reason. This hybrid of all time greats Durban Poison and OG Kush has a sweet and earthy flavor that may remind you of a certain type of cookie. GSC is best for fighting nausea, pain, and of course restoring a lost appetite. The strain is also known for being one of the most attractive when in the flowering stage, with buds of frosty purple and bright green calyxes at the base.

Featured Image Source: thecannabist

What are your go-to strains during the Holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

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