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Will Blasio’s Verbal Directive Reduce Marijuana Arrests in NYC?


Will Blasio’s Verbal Directive Reduce Marijuana Arrests in NYC?

June 25, 2018, NYC

Last week,  Instead, they will receive a judicial summons. Blasio is of the thought that it will cut down the number of annual arrests of cannabis by thousands. Some rough estimates suggest that around 10,000 fewer NYC residents will be arrested if the policy is effectively implemented.  

It’s More About Racial Inequality 

In New York City alone, more than 17,500 cannabis-related arrests are made every year. A large number of arrestees belong to color communities. According to a report furnished by New York Times, black individuals are eight times more at risk of getting arrested as compared to whites, even though there is no difference in their levels of usage. The report has also found out that law enforcement agencies are more diligent in acting upon the complaints they receive from neighborhoods with the majority of the color population. 

This is the major reason why Mayor Blasio wants to enforce the policy of decriminalization. He promised to end this faulty law enforcement practices before assuming the office of mayor. However, no change has been witnessed yet regarding cannabis-related arrests. 

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Improvement is on the Way  

Amid the current dilemmas of cannabis reforms in the state, there are still some developments that promise improvement. For instance, District attorney of Manhattan has announced his office will not prosecute low-level cannabis crimes from August. Similarly, the health department of New York is going to issue a report on the benefits of cannabis legalization. 

It is interesting to note that a similar report was also furnished almost 80 years ago by the New York Academy of Medicines. The report concluded that marijuana didn’t play any determining role in fueling major crimes. The then federal bureau of narcotics didn’t pay any heed to the report and termed it unscientific.

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