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Oklahomans Vote in Favor of Medical Cannabis Legalization


Oklahomans Vote in Favor of Medical Cannabis Legalization

June 27, 2018, Oklahoma

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There are reports that an anti-cannabis group spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on media campaigns aimed to defeat the Question 788 at the ballot. According to the chairman of the group, Dr. Kevin Taubman, the measure is far from what can be termed as a reasonable medical marijuana program. 

According to the provisions written in the measure, Oklahomans can possess up to three ounces of marijuana in person and eight ounces of dried flowers at homes. Moreover, they can grow up to six saplings of the strain and own up to additional six mature plants. Possession of one ounce of marijuana concentrates and 272 ounces of MMJ edibles will also be allowed under the new cannabis laws of the state. 

Regarding the decriminalization of the strain, Oklahomans possessing 1.5 ounces of MMJ without a valid permit will only face misdemeanor charges with a nominal amount of penalty. In coming days, the state legislature will come up with the regulations to govern the MMJ program. 

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