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FDA Approves First Organic Cannabis-Based Medicine


FDA Approves First Organic Cannabis-Based Medicine

June 26, 2018

After a long overdue, the has finally approved a drug derived from cannabis. Epidiolex is a medication for epileptic seizures that have 

Epidiolex is a medication – Image powered by

FDA Approval Might Lead to Reclassification of Cannabis – Image powered by

As the things stand, cannabis and all its cannabinoids are classified as a schedule I controlled substance in federal legislation.  But with developments such as this, one can hope that federal lawmakers might consider reclassifying marijuana.  

A piece of legislation that calls for reclassification of cannabis is already pending in Congress. Developments like these where federal agencies approving the use of MMJ have more potential for persuading lawmakers to reconsider the status of cannabis as a drug. Experts think that reclassification of cannabis will give way to more research and studies on the therapeutic effects of marijuana.  

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