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Metal Bolt Hand Pipe


Metal Bolt Hand Pipe

A pipe right out of the workshop? Or one that would easily pass as scraps from previous jobs? A metal pipe made up of literally nuts and bolts? Yes, it is here. A wonderful small pipe that fits any pocket or any pipe. This one is made from the imaginations of creative minds.

The creators poured a lot of creative juices into this masterpiece. From the bits and pieces, up to the outer colors of this pipe, everyone knows it’s well thought of. Actually, there is one magnificent feature of this pipe that will blow anyone’s mind.

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Metal Bolt Hand Pipe

Metal Bolt Hand PipeMade up of nuts and bolts usually found in the workshops, anyone would not be suspicious of this piece. That is one thing that smokers love about this piece.

For safekeeping, toss it in the tool box and forget about it. If other “accidentally” find it, they would brush it off and let you be. At the end of the day, take it out and smoke the stress away. There’s more to it than the nuts and bolts that make up this piece. Here are some more spectacular features of this piece:

  • Made from aluminum
  • Portable design
  • Easily disassembled
  • Comes in a random color, as available

Of course, aluminum makes up this pipe since it is a bunch of screws, nuts an bolts. It is only three inches long, which makes it very portable. Bring it anywhere at anytime and smoke away. Once done, disassemble it and store it away.

It is so small that it won’t be hard to keep. Anyone may keep it on the pockets of their suits and no one would question it. Or store it inside the coin holders and forget about if for a while. Once the smoker is ready to use the pipe, it is quite easy to assemble.

So, initially, the bolt end once unscrewed, reveals a smaller screw that would serve as a mouth piece. Then unscrew the nut a little to show a small hole where the bolt will then be screwed. Now, the bolt is the herb bowl. So, all the smoker has to do is load and fire it up. For best results, use a metal screen to filter unwanted ash and crumb. This will prevent it from travelling down the mouthpiece.

This metal bolt hand pipe is also available in different colors: blue, yellow and red. All customers have to do is choose which one would light up their party best.

Over all, yes it is small but it sure has big benefits for the users. Not only with the materials used, has which made it cheap. Its design also makes utility and comfort a great experience for the customers. Lastly, how easy it is to dismantle and assemble makes it to the smokers’ hearts.

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Grasscity Has It All

Metal Bolt Hand PipeA lot of head shops offer this piece at affordable prices. Although, it is still best to buy from the most trusted and reliable one- Grasscity. This company has been around since the year 2000. Making this year their 18th year in the business. Since then, they have been offering quality items from all companies that produce smoking accessories. What’s more is that they offer it at low prices.

Take this Metal Bolt Hand Pipe for example. Grasscity offers it on their website for only $5.99. So, log on to and search for “Metal Bolt Hand Pipe”. Next, pay the appropriate fees and wait for it to arrive anywhere in the world. That is because Grasscity ships around the world. Heck, if the total order amounts to $50, they would even ship it for free.

If something went wrong during shipping, not to worry. In case the product is damaged or broken or if they have sent the wrong item, show them proof. Also, make sure that the item is indeed, unused and they would replace it for free.

Also, they also have a price match guarantee. One that is doubtful to even be possible, but nonetheless, it’s good to have an option. If any other head shop offer this piece at a lower price point, show Grasscity a proof. Then, they would match that lower price and sell it to the one who showed them proof.

With Grasscity, as always, customers come first.

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Metal Bolt Hand PipeThere are a lot of innovations and unique designs for smoking accessories today. Designers need to come up with exquisite ideas to capture the attention of smokers. This one, surely does not disappoint.

The way it uses screws, nuts and bolts is a little bit funny. We mean, 20 years ago, who would have though this is possible, Now, it’s here, circulating smokers and providing them a great experience.

Also, since it uses screws and nuts, it is quite easy to assemble and dismantle as well. Thus, making it easy to keep as well. It would fit any pocket and pouches easily. Or, one may even leave it lying around and no one would even ask a question.

Above all this, it’s cheap. It’s only $5.99 and anyone can already have a great time.

This Metal Bold Hand Pipe is sure worth every penny and not to mention, it’s cute. Buy Metal Bolt Hand Pipe Here!

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