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Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl


Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl

What about an herb bowl that relaxes not only with its function but the way it looks? This “Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl” would remind anyone of the skies and the ocean. The sight of this bowl would ease the mind into thinking “it’s time to relax.”

As a matter of fact, with its miniature size, anyone would be able to “relax” anywhere with this one. Pack it in a bag or a purse, load it up and smoke away.

More than anything, it gives the users freedom to color up their favorite bongs. Relax the eyes and the mind with this “Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl” without breaking the bank.

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Like The Sky and The Sea

Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl“Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl” is a mind relaxer as is. The color of the bowl eases the mind into a more relaxed state. It reminds the users a mix of the ocean and the sky. Making every place to use this bowl, a happy one. Well, it’s not only the appearance of it that appease the users. It also has the following features:

  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Glass-on-glass joint
  • Male joint
  • Fits female joints
  • Available in joint sizes: 14.5mm & 18.8mm

The design includes a glass claw that extends to the from the joint up to the glass bowl itself. Making it appear that the claw is the one supporting the cobalt bowl.

Speaking of the bowl, it is a relatively big one considering that the height of the product is 2.5 inches long. A big part of this height goes to the bowl, which allows the users to pack and load big chunk of herbs at a time. Perfect for those who have been smokinh for a long tima a

Well, the bowl comes with a narrow opening that is enough to filter unwanted ash and herbs from travelling to the bong. Of course, anyone may use a metal screen to filter out even more if they want to.

Again, it already comes with a small opening. Thanks to its joint design. This cobalt blue glass claw bowl comes with a male joint. This one fits perfectly with any female glass-on-glass joint in the same size. The glass claw bowl’s joint comes in two sizes: 18.8 mm and 14.5 mm. So, expect it to fit most standard bongs.

Another thing to expect is that this will exceed smoking accessories standart. It is affordable, it is durable and it appeals to the eyes and mind. So, read on to find out where this wonderful bowl is available.

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Perfect Little Claw Bowl For Less Than $15

Cobalt Blue Glass Claw BowlA mobile phone and an internet connection is all anyone needs if they want to buy their own “Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl”. Once connected to the internet, go to and search for the name.

There, anyone can buy this glass claw bowl for only $11.99. Less than $15 for such a durable piece. For sure, this is one piece that anyone will be using for a long time. Do not live in the US? Not to worry, Grasscity ships anywhere around the world.

Of course, this company does more than that for their customers. They have a price match guarantee that allows buyers to look for lower prices at other head shops. Next, show Grasscity some proof and then they’ll weigh in all factors and see if they can match the lower price and sell it just the same.

Another option that they give their customers is their “easy return” option. There are times when accidents happen during shipping and the items arrive broken. Again, show them some photos and they would assess the situation. If possible, they would replace the items or refund them altogether.

See, Grasscity prioritizes the welfare of their customers. Next comes the quality of their products. Whatever happens, it’s still a win-win.

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Beauty, Utility and Durability

Cobalt Blue Glass Claw BowlThey say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In that case, they have not seen this “Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl” yet. This piece captures the eye of all types of users.

Of course, the high that all smokers experience relaxes the mind and body. Depending on what herb they decide to smoke, it eases the mind, body or both. Although, with this piece, the cobalt blue color also relaxes the mind and puts it at ease.

Another vital part of the design is the claw that comes from the joint and extends to the bowl itself. Making it look like the claw is supporting the bowl itself.
Well, it should because the bowl is massive. It can be up for a large amount of packing. This makes it the perfect piece for experienced smokers or for sharing.

Another great feature of this bowl is the male joint. They offer it at two different sizes: 18.8 mm and 14.5 mm. These two are the most standard sizes of bongs. So, expect it to fit most female joints.

Beauty, utility and durability for less than $15? Yes, it is possible with this “Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl”. Buy Cobalt Blue Glass Claw Bowl Here!

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