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55 High Thoughts That Will Amaze The Most Experienced Stoner

While we can’t get enough of the disconnect from reality that THC brings to the table or the medicinal properties of CBD, one of our favorite parts of the marijuana experience is the high thoughts that pop into our heads during a particularly entertaining smoke sesh. Not sure whether you’ve had the privilege of your […]

The Difference Between Solvent, Solventless, And Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts

Whether you’ve been in the cannabis game for years like we have — we won’t ask your age if you don’t ask ours — or you’ve yet to smoke your first joint, it’s easy to be confused by the difference between solvent, solventless, and solvent-free extracts. We’re here to help! In this article, we discuss […]

Feminized Seeds: The Complete Guide For Cannabis Growers

Want to grow the best pot possible right in your very own home? Start with feminized seeds. In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana discuss the ins and outs of feminized seeds and why they’re your best bet for an easy DIY grow. What Are Feminized Seeds? Feminized seeds are seeds grown from […]

Defining Hemp: Classifications, Policies & Markets, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we answered the question: What is “hemp”; and addressed some of the consequences of defining “hemp” as a thing. In Part 2, I will explore this topic in more detail and provide some commonsense definitions for several traditional hemp products based on a classification approach rather than separating “cannabis” […]

Flower-Side Chats Part 4: A Q&A with Adrian Sedlin, CEO & Founder of Canndescent

Flower continues to be the dominant product category in US cannabis sales. In this “Flower-Side Chats” series of articles Green interviews integrated cannabis companies and flower brands that are bringing unique business models to the industry. Particular attention is focused on how these businesses navigate a rapidly changing landscape of regulatory, supply chain and consumer […]

Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

The post Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.

SC Labs Develops Comprehensive Hemp Testing Panel

SC Labs, a cannabis testing company with roots in Santa Cruz, California, announced this week that they have developed a comprehensive hemp testing panel that covers a number of contaminants on a national regulatory level. In the press release, the company says they aim to fill the void of national hemp testing requirements. The hemp […]

How Effective is Your Internal Auditing Program?

The word “audit” evokes various emotions depending on your role in an organization and the context of the audit. While most are familiar with and loathe the IRS’s potential for a tax audit, the audits we are going to discuss today are (or should be) welcomed – proactive internal quality audits. A softer term that […]

Kelab Analitica Becomes First Accredited Cannabis Lab in Colombia

Established in 2019, Kelab Analitica is the first laboratory in Colombia to specialize in cannabis and pharmaceutical testing. In March of 2020, the lab began operating and serving the cannabis market in the South American country. Then in December of 2020, Kelab Analitica obtained ISO/IEC 17025:2017 through Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, making it the very […]



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