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The Future of Vaping: Embracing The Latest Innovations In Vape Technology

Vaping is quickly replacing traditional style smoking. Most people are moving away from smoking tobacco cigarettes and prefer vaping instead. They enjoy nicotine and avoid the negative impact caused by cigarette smoke. What’s more, there are no bad breath issues again.   Technology makes it easier and better to vape. The latest innovations in vape […]

Desperate California Cannabis Vendors Seek Credit Protection

Cannabis companies representing 45% of California’s cannabis sales are pushing a bill that will crack down on non-paying customers. Well known operators, including Kiva, Lowell Farms, Nabis and Sunderstorm, recently formed Financial Stability for California Cannabis (FSCC) and moved to support Assembly Bill 766.” The bill, nicknamed “The Cannabis Credit Protection Act,” would require a […]

The Craft Cannabis Cavalry: A Story of Small Business & Economic Empowerment

The Tohiyusdv Cavalry is a black-owned small business based in rural Virginia. At its core, they grow and process cannabis for CBD products, but it’s really much more than that. Through its Precision Craft Farmer Program, the company works with existing small minority-owned farms to introduce them to the cannabis market. Via land leasing, profit-sharing, […]

The Technological Advances of Disposable Vapes: What’s Next? 

Disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, ease of use, and disposable nature. These single-use devices such as Hyde from Dispomode have taken the vaping industry by storm.    In recent years, these devices have been evolving continuously and the innovation is not going unnoticed in the vaping community. With the development […]

 Medical Cannabis in the UK: From Edibles and Grow Tents to Dry Sifting Hash and Bud Rot Prevention

The use of medical cannabis has gained massive popularity, with more and more nations worldwide incorporating it into their legal healthcare. These products provide a plethora of potential therapeutic benefits for various medical conditions.   The landscape for the use of medical cannabis has gradually changed in the United Kingdom, as there are now more […]

Common Questions About CBD Answered

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the latest news, you’ve probably noticed an increase in CBD-infused products on the market. CBD is now more popular than ever before. Manufacturers have infused CBD into many products, ranging from lotions to chocolates. However, many people still don’t understand CBD in-depth and its effects.  Below are a few […]

Building An Integrated Pest Management Plan – Part 2

This is the second part of a series of articles designed to introduce an integrated pest management framework for cannabis cultivation facilities. To see Part One, click here. Part Three comes out next week and covers prioritization and preventative measures. Stay tuned for more! This is Part 2: Pest Monitoring, Record Keeping, & Communications Begin […]

Everything about Cannabis Grow Tents

The post Everything about Cannabis Grow Tents appeared first on I Love Growing Marijuana WRITTEN BY Robert Bergman. Top 3 cheap grow tents Grow tents are another extremely important aspect of your marijuana grow setup. They work well for making miniature “rooms” for … Continue Reading The post Everything about Cannabis Grow Tents appeared first […]

A Research Study on the Antimicrobial Properties of Cannabis

Inexpensive in vitro Methods to Evaluate the Impact of Cannabinoid-containing Products on Sentinel Lactobacillus spp.  S. Lewin 1, A. Hilyard2, H. Piscatelli1, A. Hangman1, D. Petrik1, P. Miles2, and C. Orser2 1MatMaCorp Inc, Lincoln NE; 2Apothercare LLC, Boston MA  Abstract The public has readily embraced cannabidiol (CBD) in countless unregulated products that benefit from commercial promotion […]



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