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The Future of Vape Litigation: Temperature Control

The e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak of 2019 caught the attention of many, and has brought with it the scrutiny of both regulators and plaintiffs’ attorneys eager to act as “civil prosecutors.” As Tolkien would say, the Eye of Sauron has now turned its gaze towards the cannabis vapor industry. With the […]

A Snapshot of The German Cannabis Market: Year 3

Despite the limitations and privations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany’s market is “up” in terms of sales and overall insurance approvals. For all the victories however, there are still many kinks along the way. That is of course, not just on the medical front (where flower is yet again in short supply this summer), […]

ASI Global Launches Cannabis Safety & Quality Audit Standards

According to a press release published July 1, ASI Global Standards announced the launch of their newest audit standard: the Cannabis Safety & Quality Scheme (CSQ). The scheme is built around ISO requirements and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements. With input from a number of stakeholders in the cannabis space, the CSQ scheme […]

Sustainable Hemp Packaging is the Future of Industrial Packaging

The future of packaging is ripe for capitalization by the drivers of sustainability culture. With the battle lines drawn and forces at play in motion, change is now inevitable. The question arises: how quickly can the industry grow in the space of the next decade? With an increasing number of nations banning non-biodegradable and petroleum-based […]

What Is A CBD Flower: Everything You Need To Know

More and more state governments are legalizing cannabis and cannabis products, including the now-famous CBD flower. And thanks to its medical benefits, the CBD flower is quickly becoming the most sought-after part of the marijuana plant. But what exactly is a CBD flower? Where does it come from? And how can you use it to […]

Deibel Bioscience Rebrands, Achieves ISO 17025 Accreditation

On June 19, Charles Deibel, president and CEO of Deibel Bioscience, announced two important changes to his cannabis testing laboratory: First, they changed their name from Deibel Laboratories to Deibel Bioscience. Secondly, they achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. Deibel Labs is an internationally recognized corporation of 15 testing labs in North America that’s been around for […]

ACS Laboratory Get Certified for Cannabis Testing in Florida

According to a press release published earlier this week, ACS Laboratory announced the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) has certified ACS to test products for medical dispensaries in the state. This certification comes after the Florida Department of Health adopted an emergency rule, requiring dispensaries to only use a certified […]

Contact High: What Is It And Is It Real

Smoke marijuana long enough — or spend time with those who do — and you’re likely to experience a contact high. But is what you’re feeling an actual, physical response to the smoke in the air, or is there something else at play? In this article, the experts at Honest Marijuana delve deep into the psychology […]

Cannabinoid Research & Pharmacology: A Q&A with Dr. Linda Klumpers

Dr. Linda Klumpers has a Ph.D. in clinical pharmacology of cannabinoids. Originally from the Netherlands, she began much of her career in studying cannabis there. She now lives and works in the United States, where she has worked on a number of projects, started her own company and is continuing her research on cannabis as […]



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