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How to Best Choose the CBD Products for Your Needs

These days, CBD products are so widely available in Canada that you can find them anywhere. Due to the huge demand and size of the market, numerous CBD products have been developed, allowing individuals to have a wide range of options to choose from.   A wide range of CBD products must be available, as […]

Canopy Growth Acquires Jetty Extracts

Canopy Growth Corporation, one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, announced the acquisition of Jetty Extracts this week for $69 million. Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 and is now a leading cannabis brand in California and a top 5 brand in the vape category. The two companies plan to expand Jetty’s offerings […]

FDA Issues Warning Over Copycat Cannabis Consumables

Last week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a consumer warning regarding food products containing THC and the risk of children accidentally eating them. Between January of last year through April 24, 2022, the FDA says they have received more than 100 adverse event reports involving people (both adults and children) accidentally consuming […]

Why the Cannabis Industry Must Combat Degree Inflation

The hiring process is evolving: major U.S. employers are reconsidering the significance of higher learning. An employer’s undue emphasis on university education while hiring is called “degree inflation.” As the hiring manager for NisonCo, a cannabis public relations, marketing and SEO agency, I have learned a college degree is not the best predictor of employee […]

Devil’s Lettuce strain

Every now and then, there’s the day from hell that’s stressful as heck, and all you want to do is take the edge off.  That’s when cannabis compels you – to reach for a bong and exorcise some demons.  Devil’s Lettuce strain (aka Devils Fruit ) is precisely the weed for the job.  Sativa/Indica Indoor […]

Waffle Cone strain review

The Waffle Cone strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica – 30% sativa) bred by Compound Genetics. It combines the powerful Jet Fuel Gelato and Dosilato strains.  Sativa/Indica Indoor yield Outdoor yield Flower period 30%/70% 2 oz/ft² 16 oz/plant 54-61 days Despite being indica-dominant, this strain still spurs creative head highs, making it great for […]

AOAC Launches Cannabis Proficiency Testing Program

In a press release published this week, AOAC International announced it has partnered with Signature Science, LLC as the test material provider for the new AOAC Cannabis/Hemp Proficiency Testing program. What makes this proficiency testing (PT) program so unique is that AOAC will be the only PT provider to offer actual cannabis flower as the […]

Steep Hill Expands to Vermont

Steep Hill, the company that started the first cannabis testing laboratory in the United States, today announced their expansion into Vermont. Their licensee, Steep Hill Vermont, is the first lab in the state to receive pre-approval from the state, according to a press release. The leadership team is made up of CEO Kos Parulekar, Dr. […]

The Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Today, more and more states have legalized the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pains and other conditions. And with this move, consumers are encouraged to get their medical marijuana cards (MMJ). An MMJ card is essentially an identification card issued by the state that allows the patient to own and possess medical marijuana […]



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