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It’s High Time for the Cannabis Industry to Pay Attention to Contact Compliance

Communicating with consumers through the telephone—either by text messages or by calls—is a great way to engage with them. Indeed, a recent analysis of text messaging trends reveals that most consumers check their cell phones more than 20 times a day, with almost 20% saying they check it more than 50 times.1 Text messages have a […]

Judge Dismisses Claims in Vaping Illness Lawsuit

In September of 2019, Charles Wilcoxen fell seriously ill after vaping cannabis oil from a cartridge. Just days after he began experiencing symptoms he was hospitalized and later diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia, the mysterious lung illness now known as EVALI associated with the 2019 vape crisis. Wilcoxen spent three days in the hospital and ever […]

California Employment Laws, COVID-19 & Cannabis: How New Regulations Impact Cannabis Businesses

As employers in the cannabis industry adapt to making their businesses run and thrive in the age of COVID-19, federal, state and local jurisdictions have issued new laws and regulations providing rules and guidance on returning employees to work. Employers in the industry should be aware of, and prepare for, these rules moving forward. Federal […]

Navigating the Cannabis Industry in the Current Climate

All major industries took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but in many states, cannabis dispensaries were labeled as essential, which has allowed the industry to continue with some alterations. The impact now will come from what innovations and improvements the industry can leverage going forward. From changes to protocols and buyer behaviors to supply […]

How Barcode Labeling Improves Traceability & Security

One of the biggest challenges that cultivators, processors and distributors face in doing business is the requirement to track the product at every step in the production process, from seed to sale. When you add the wide range of label sizes and requirements across the supply chain, labeling can feel overwhelming. While business systems such […]

CBD Industry Caught Between Regulators & Law Enforcement

The consumer-facing CBD industry operates in a regulatory gray zone even as it grows in prominence. Illegal to market as an unapproved drug, dietary supplement or food additive under the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, nevertheless, the CBD industry has flourished with ingestible products widely available. With the increased consumer interest in CBD, headwinds in […]

A2LA Accredits Viridis Laboratories

In a press release published this week, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) announced they have successfully accredited Viridis Laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.  Viridis Labs, based in Lansing, Michigan, gained their license to operate as a cannabis testing facility back in April 2020. “Our company is incredibly proud of achieving this milestone of ISO/IEC […]

How To Use Hemp Wick: Everything You Need To Know

Ah, the hemp wick. As controversies go, it’s pretty tame. But there are still staunch supporters on either side who will literally fight you if you disagree with them. At Honest Marijuana, we don’t care how the pot gets lit, just as long as it does. We’ve used Zippos, Bics, matches, hemp wicks, torches, candles, […]

Cannabis Flowering Stages: A Week-By-Week Guide

If you’re growing your own cannabis or planning on growing a batch in the near future, you need to learn everything you can about the cannabis flowering stages. The cannabis flowering stages are where all the action happens and your marijuana plant develops buds that you can then mix into a batch of cannabis oil, grind […]



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