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5 Things to Know When Buying Kratom Locally

Purchasing Kratom is a daunting task, especially for those who lack significant experience. There are many sides to Kratom that might only yield confusion when in-depth research is lacking. Kratom is a valuable addition to other health and wellness sectors, including the medical and beauty industries. Picking the correct strain and doses makes it even […]

Protect Your Business: Comprehensive Rodent Exclusion

Many experts agree that of all pests threatening the cannabis industry, rodents are the most dangerous. Not only do they chew on cannabis plants and ruin crops at an incredible rate, they also contaminate product with their urine and feces. Rodents post a serious threat to cannabis facilities at every level of the supply chain. […]

10 Cannabis Growing Tips You Need to Try in 2022

With weed being legal in more than 15 states at the moment, growing cannabis is rapidly becoming a favourite hobby and a fruitful trade of the nation. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional marijuana farmer, tracking popular trends in the industry should be your top priority. This is why we’ve prepared you the list […]

Keep ‘em Safe: Cash, Records, Products, People – Technology Helps Cannabis Businesses Succeed

It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis was underground, sometimes literally, and operators protected what was theirs any way they knew how. Before legalization, cannabis operators needed to secure their plants, cash, supplies and equipment not just from people who wanted to steal them, but also from law enforcement. The legacy cannabis market is now […]

Technological Evolution of the Cannabis Industry

Discussions about the evolution of the cannabis industry are often focused on the legalization of adult use and medical cannabis, the growth of the business models associated with the industry and so on. An interesting corollary to those discussions is how technology is impacting the evolution of this growth industry.  It’s no longer just a […]

Myths Around Vaping That Are Simply Untrue

Vaping has become more popular amongst individuals, mainly vaping CBD. Because of this, it’s important to separate the facts from the myths. We want to make sure people can get the benefits they want from vaping CBD and that they’re doing it safely!   What Does it Mean to Vape CBD?   Vaping has quickly […]

How to Include CBD In Your Lifestyle – Easy Tips to Follow

Are you new to the world of CBD products? Are you convinced that CBD could offer benefits and results that will improve your everyday life? Do you want to give CBD products a try but you aren’t sure what the best method or products are? Here we will take a look at how you can […]

Payment Processing & Consumer Credit: An Interview with KindTap Co-Founder

Federal regulations have made compliant credit processing in the cannabis industry difficult to achieve. As a result, most cannabis retailers operate a cash-only model, limiting their ability to upsell customers and placing a burden on customers who might rather use credit. While some dispensaries offer debit, credit or cashless ATM transactions, regulators and payment processors […]

4-Step Guide To Using Bongs As A Newbie

If you’re new to smoking weed, you want to try a new cannabis consumption method, or you have never tried marijuana before, you might be thinking of the safest and most effective way that you can get the cannabis into your system! If you have tried other methods in the past – such as vape […]



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