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Space Monkey Strain

Bodhi Seeds is well known for their top of the line creations, and hybrid Space Monkey strain is no different. This genetic masterpiece is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue, a regular on weed-related “Top 10” lists, and Wookie #15, a rare strain known for its tasty flavor profile.  Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield […]

How to Measure PH and PPM for Your Marijuana Grow

When it comes to living beings, it’s not always about whether you eat, it’s the quality of what you eat, combined with the ability to digest it. Marijuana plants are no exception. They rely on quality nutrients, either delivered through water or in the soil they grow in, but they also need to be able […]

Grower’s Glossary

A B C D E F G H I L M N O P K R S T V W Y Z A Acidity / pH pH is the value used to determine if a material is acidic, neutral or alkaline. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 where 7 stands for […]

Powdery Mildew On Marijuana Plants

Powdery mildew, also known as white powdery mildew, comes from lots of different fungi. Powdery mildew looks like white or gray powdery growths on the leaves of your cannabis plants. Powdery Mildew on Cannabis: What is Powdery Mildew Signs of powdery mildew How to get rid of it Plant symptoms It appears on grow areas […]

White Widow Strain

This 1990’s hybrid is toted as a staple in the Amsterdam coffee-shop scene. An indica-dominant strain, White Widow is known and loved for its steady, strong head high. Often referred to as a more cerebral smoke, White Widow allows for a light feeling of relaxation, with a vivid, enjoyable mental buzz. Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor […]

Cannabis Flowering Stages

Understanding the cannabis flowering stages can be tricky, but with practice it becomes more (dare I say it) natural. Take the time to learn the fundamentals and practice; once you know what you are doing, it gets easier over time.  I can’t say this enough: The flowering stage is essential to the life cycle of […]

Advantages of Growing Medical Marijuana

When you consume marijuana medicinally, there are many reasons why you’d want a constant supply on hand. For a lot of patients, this means growing your own, indoors. But how do you get started growing marijuana, and how do you ensure the best quality marijuana for your purposes? This guide will discuss how to grow […]

FDA Issues Warnings on Delta-8 THC Products

On September 14, the FDA published a consumer update on their website, seeking to educate the public and offer a public health warning on delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as delta-8 THC. For the uninitiated, delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that can be synthesized from cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp. It is an isomer of delta-9 […]

WeedMaps Acquires Sprout

The WeedMaps parent company, WM Technology, Inc., announced this week that they have acquired Sprout, a cloud-based CRM and marketing platform in the cannabis industry. Sprout’s CRM software is used by dispensaries, distributors and cultivators in 28 different states and offers a variety of marketing services like text marketing, email marketing, coupons, surveys and more. […]



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