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Edible Dosage Chart: How Much Is Enough?

Edibles are one of the best ways to consume cannabis. But how do you know how much to take? With an edible dosage chart, of course! In this article, the experts at Honest Marijuana tell you everything you need to know to find the edible dosage that’s just right for you and give you a […]

What Does Being High Feel Like? Here’s What You Should Know

Pretty much everyone we’ve ever talked to who hasn’t tried weed before asks us, “What does being high feel like?” They’ve seen it portrayed in movies and heard it discussed on the radio and the internet by those who may or may not have any real experience. But none of that replaces hearing it directly […]

Cannabidiol, a reliable alternative to health problems

The quantity of new and varied cannabis products that have hit the market in the past few years has truly been impressive. And while many are for recreational use, the majority do not have that objective in mind. On the contrary, the purpose is to achieve improved health and well-being while keeping the user of […]

50 Mind-Blowing High Questions To Ponder When You’re Stoned

While we love THC and CBD for their psychedelic and medicinal kicks, one of our favorite parts of the cannabis experience is the high questions that appear out of nowhere when we’re enjoying the ride. They keep us amused and give us something to ponder and debate while we pass the joint around the circle. […]

How to Shop For the Best Bongs to Enhance Your Experience?

With so many choices available to consumers today, how do you know which smoking tool gives you the just-right balance between smoothness and filtration? There’s no need to break the bank when scanning for new bongs – there’s plenty of affordable options.   Bongs are among one of the most popular smoking devices, like dab […]

How One Company Is Taking Hemp To Another Level

Companies are often the catalyst of innovation and this rings true even in the cannabis space. As some states and countries have started to legalize Marijuana, innovative firms have spent millions on research and development to create new and exciting products for their clients and stay ahead of their competition.   At the same time, […]

How Much Is A Zip Of Weed: What Every Toker Needs To Know

As experts in the marijuana field (pun intended), we get asked a lot of questions. If we were keeping track of what we get asked the most, near the top of the list would have to be, “How much is a zip?” Usually, it’s not put so nicely (as in, “What the hell is a […]

What You Need to Know About Microdosing

While over the last few years, microdosing has become extremely popular, the act of microdosing has been recommended by experts for at least two decades.   There’s a multitude of benefits associated with it, including pain relief and reduced depression. There are also many different substances that you can microdose, from psilocybin mushrooms to delta-8. […]

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo Announces Keynote Speaker

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) presents the 7th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, December 15 – 17, 2021 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. As one of the industry’s most influential national trade shows, it is the only event to combine a lineup of business-building education, exhibitors representing the entire cannabis ecosystem and […]



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